Manage Locations and Increase Business Performance with the help of a Business Intelligence system

Smart Intuitive Retail Intelligence Analytics 

The People Counter solution to supervise real-time occupancy.

Smart Intuitive Retail Intelligence Analytics 

The People Counter solution to supervise real-time occupancy.
Manage Locations and Increase Business Performance.

More than just a people counter

Our cloud-based analytics platform is a system for Business Intelligence, designed to supervise the flow of visitors in your retail premises.

The intuitive software lets you count visitors anonymously, monitoring people’s behaviour in real-time, allowing you to improve the performance of your retail.

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Business Intelligence

Our Insights


Designed for franchises and chain stores who want to manage and monitor multiple locations. Compare business performances through a predictive analysis approach.


Portal bridges the gap between AI and IoT to make the world a more intelligent and connected place through our robust, scalable cloud infrastructure. We have designed smart and intuitive cloud software that is ready to meet all of your needs.

Democratize Analytics

Driven by Artificial Intelligence and made by Humans. We are true believers in the democratization of analytics, whereby people are given the power to manage big data through the use of a data visualization. This will allow them to make informed decisions, to improve business performance.

Business Intelligence

How can Portal help you?

Smart Spaces for more management efficiency.
Improve in-store experience increasing conversion rates and sales.
Improve efficiency in physical locations with a business intelligence platform that will help you to make the right decisions for your store.
You will dive into an accurate and smart technology ecosystem that will allow you to understand complex human behaviours.

Key Features

Head Counting

Our technology gives you detailed information on the number of people entering and leaving the space you manage.


Portal never collects personally identifiable information, such as ethnicity, gender or similar. It’s anonymous by design and Is GDPR compliant.

Predictive AI

Driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, our software will help you to effectively make performance improving decisions. It will assist in predicting future trends to allow you to better organize your locations.


Manage, monitor and forecast your staff’s workforce with the geo-localized app that allows employees to clock in using their devices, wherever they are, by logging their location. Also available in QRcode mode


With point-of-cash integration you can monitor sales and inventory performance. Real-time KPIs such as conversion rates, Sell-through and sales forecasts can be obtained.


All you need to run your in-store digital signage campaigns is a web-link that you can easily share on your screen. A web streaming system that requires no hardware or technical expertise needed.

From Dashboard to Insights

Our clear and intuitive software allows you to analyze audience data. It will measure and notify you about any non-compliance events in real-time, generating useful KPIs.

Real Time API

Our Rest API is robust and powerful. It can integrate cash registers, digital signage, marketing campaigns, IoT, web services, cloud and many more technologies.

Plug & Play

Save and optimize time with our easy setup configuration. You’ll be able to set it up in just a few minutes and be ready to analyze your locations. Business Intelligence made easy.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Portal is ideal for chain stores and allows store managers to compare retail performance,
identify peak hours that will allow you to manage staff and optimize costs. Predict the progress of each location with a simple and intuitive dashboard.

KPIs Retail Performance

Portal natively integrates the main cash registers and allows you to generate useful KPIs such as: cash transactions, conversion and sales rates and thanks to artificial intelligence predict sales trends related to people flow, warehouse performance and staff operations.

Key Benefits


At a low price, thanks to the use of mass market hardware technologies, we have truly optimized the supply chain.

Easy Setup

Fast Configuration, easy setup, no technical skills required. Ready to use!

IT Integration

Third-party applications can interact with our robust infrastructure. We have built scalable and modern software that is cloud ready and can therefore react in real-time.

Cloud-based Digital Signage Marketing

We offer an intelligent, customizable and secure display solution that will allow you to manage your in-store marketing campaigns through an innovative web streaming system.
Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, Portal’s digital signage allows you to dynamically send your marketing campaign online based on the analysis of metrics such as sell-through rate and your retail performance

Clock-in with geolocation

Detect the presence of your staff with geolocation thanks to a time-stamping system that allows you to monitor the performance and conversion rates of your staff while respecting privacy according to GDPR regulations. Easy and convenient to use, it does not require any additional hardware. You can also use a printed or digital QRcode in the absence of your smartphone.

Key Specifications

Portal is an Internet of Things device equipped with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm and cloud based software for analytics management. Retail Intelligence made easy.
Just install the device with a few simple steps, mount it above your door, and then it’s ready to use.
Tech Specs

Plug & Play, running in few steps

CPU quad core 1,5 GHz RAM 2GB

Power supply EU via standard socket (220V)

Internet connection Ethernet or WiFi

Height installation 290-320cm

Size Volume 164.56 x 114.89 x 63.26

Field of View 60°H x 49.5°V x 73°D


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Dashboard in Cloud
Occupancy Virtual Display
Real Time Analytics
Online Support
Wall Mount
Software Update
API REST Integrations
Business Intelligence Consulting


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With our work, we strive to try to create a positive impact on society by making spaces more efficient, products more useful and people happier.
We are a multidisciplinary team of engineers, designers and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in emerging technologies.

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Enhance your experience in your location and find out how to get better results for your store.Get a free license demo for 30 days.